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It’s done. All the studying and paper-writing and reading and research that I’ve had to do for the last half of last week and the first half of this one are done. Tonight, all I’ll have to do is refine my speech, and then I’ll be ready for the weekend! I am ecstatic, because you know what that means? I can actually WRITE!

For weeks, I’ve wanted to sit down and just write until my heart’s content (which would be until the end of time, but whatever!). Summer Rush has been sitting in a poor, neglected pile next to my bed, crying out for me to show it a little love. And now, my dear novel, I shall show you so much love that you’ll hate me by the end of the weekend! There will be much scribbling with red pen, typing frantically, and moans and groans of “this will never be any good!” I can’t wait for it!

After school today, I went to the library and got the book “Riding for the Blue,” which is a beautiful coffee-table type book that I’ve been meaning to read for ages. I get it once every few weeks but never have time to read it. This weekend, however, all I plan to do is edit, read, and paint. My sister, Kyra, got me this gorgeous paint-by-number of a horse, which I can’t wait to get to.

Of course, I must also do laundry and plan out my homework schedule for next week. I should do that tomorrow between classes so I’ll really be free when I get home.

The nonfiction book that I’m working on – still outlining at the moment – is going well, especially considering how much I hate outlining. My usual style is just freewriting how I want the book to feel, rather than the exact things that I want to happen. It makes for a terrible mess of a first draft, but at least I get the emotion that I was going for. And what is rewriting for, anyway?

Mostly, this weekend I’m just looking forward to the chance to be still and breathe. In fact, I may even leave my computer off all Friday, just to have a day away from it. Heck, I might turn off my phone and iPod, too! The thought of just reading and writing the good old fashioned way is kind of refreshing. Now I’ve inspired myself.

But really, don’t be surprised if you see me on this Friday. Technology withdrawal, no matter how brief, is a hard thing for me.

Still! It’s a bit early, but here’s to a great weekend!


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