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As I Was Pondering

Yesterday, as I was pondering Summer Rush, I started thinking about query letters. I know I’m jumping the gun entirely, but I consoled myself by reminding myself of some blog post I read a long time ago: how briefly trying your hand at writing your query letter might help you out with your novel. Also, I was more than a little concerned that Summer Rush would come off sounding cliched when I attempted to summarize it.

So I sat there, typing randomly, and attempting to bring to the forefront of my mind everything that makes Summer Rush a unique story. I’m more than confident that a humorous romance can hold its own against the plethora of paranormal romance. Teens still love to laugh, after all.

I didn’t let myself spend too much time on the query letter, but I thought it was a fun exercise. What amazed me was that I managed to sum up SR in basically one and a half very small paragraphs. When I did this exercise with my first Angel book, it took three thick paragraphs to give a summary of the plot. I think that speaks of the utter confusion that is that book.

Anywho, I didn’t give my speech today (barely a third of the class showed up because of the snow), so I still have a little more time to tweak it before Tuesday – which is my school’s day for the International Love Feast, by the way. Speech class gets cut short and we all get to go eat! How awesome is that?

Speech notwithstanding, I’m having fun this weekend! So there!


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