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Taking A Break

I had to take a break today. From Summer Rush, I mean. Why? Because last night, I couldn’t get to sleep. All I could think about was Summer Rush, what needed to happen in X scene, what was that funny thing Sara said that I wanted to use, should I rewrite chapter one… and on and on. I literally could not sleep. My mind just went into overload, and I was up until three o’ clock in the morning, tossing and turning.

So, this morning when I was packing my school books, I didn’t let myself stuff the next chapter of Summer Rush in with my English homework. I told myself that I needed to take a mental break from it, and just think about something else. But in spite of all the misery it caused me last night, I felt like I’d left my right arm behind.

This just goes to show how utterly out of my mind I am.

On other notes, I got an A on my history test, and a B on my English paper. I’m disappointed with the B, because I was one point away from getting an A, and I lost points for stupid stuff. Disappointed, but also satisfied, because I know I’m perfectly capable of an A. I wrote that paper half at midnight the night before it was due, and half that morning, forty-five minutes before class. So when I make a real effort, I should be able to earn an A easily.

Since I didn’t have anything to edit while at school waiting for my sister (I didn’t even bring my laptop, so I wouldn’t be tempted), I got on one of the school computer’s and just started writing. The weirdest story started coming out. I’ll have to tell you about it later.


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