Look out… behind you!

That title is kind of… yeah. I just felt like saying it. I don’t think it has anything to do with the post that I’m about to write. Well, maybe. I don’t know. It would require imagination.

Okay, so. I have a new idea. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start writing on it! I have that much self-control (I think). This idea actually came to me in a weird dream that I had last night, and from watching too much Resident Evil. Have I mentioned how much I want to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife? Because I do. A LOT. But I’m focusing right now, on this new idea.

First of all, major warning, it involves warlocks, witches, vampires, shapeshifters – the works. There will be no romance. This is strictly hardcore paranormal with much staking, gunfire, and hand to hand combat. I like me some crazy fighting.

It’s set way in the future, after supernatural creatures announced their presence to the world at large. In the ensuing chaos, two creatures ended up taking control of just about everything: vampires and shapeshifters. The shapeshifters rely completely on human flesh to stay alive. They don’t eat when in human form, and their various other forms are, obviously, all carnivorous. The vampires are the more powerful presence, though, because of how hard it is to kill them (typical stake in the heart, they turn to dust, etc). Also, before they made their move to take over the world, they developed a serum that makes them immune to sunlight. Yeah, I had to got here. It’s too hard to set an entire novel in the night time.

Naturally, there’s lots of fighting betwixt vampires and shapeshifters, and lots of fighting between the free humans and all the supernatural creatures.

In the midst of this is Aris, who is owned by a vampire named Kieran. Kieran has had her since she was a baby, so he’s kind of attached to her. After his much older brother (my vamps have kids, btw; they made a pact with some warlocks) tries to forcibly take Aris off his hands, Kieran takes her and takes off.

There’s this big secret in Aris’ blood, which I’m not going to tell you, but she’s important to the humans because she can save them… sort of.

I think Aris has a sibling, but I’m not sure. Who doesn’t think Aris is the coolest name ever?


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