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I’m Taking A New Approach to This

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Junkfoodmonkey’s Editing Recipe before. But I saved it in my web page Favorites a long, long, LONG time ago, and I just found it again about a week ago. With my current editing technique taking a buttload of time, I decided to try this approach. Summer Rush will be going through multiple rewrites anyway, so it’s not like it’ll hurt.

As well as using it with Summer Rush, I’m also using this technique on “Snow.” I really like that story, and I want to get it written well enough that my sister can read it. I pitched the idea to her before I started writing, and she said she liked it.

Speaking of “Snow,” here’s a random fact: I got the idea for the story from the classic Cinderella tale and two retellings of the original Beauty and the Beast story, called Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow and East. I always wanted to try my hand at a fairy tale retelling, but never got around to it because I always ended up getting another idea (usually science fiction-ish in nature) and was distracted. Writing that totally just gave me a cool idea. Anyway. “Snow” is a culmination of fairy tales that were sucked into my head and completely mixed up.

As I’ve been hammering out how “Snow” is really supposed to be (I wrote this baby up in two days with absolutely no written plan/outline, remember), my mind keeps branching off in all these directions t hat would take “Snow” from a short story to a veritable tome. All of this stuff was supposed to happen, but I had to condense it, and now the words are trying to explode from my head.

I’m not the only one this happens to, right? Or do I just not know when to quit? I think it’s the latter. Oh, well. I can write whatever I want! It’s not like the Your-Story-Is-Way-Too-Stinking-Long Police are going to come after me.

At least, I hope not.

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