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All Sorts of Stuff

I have a ton of homework to do today, and lots of studying for my History II test on Wednesday. And I have a Speech test on Thursday, which I’m super worried about. I like Speech class, but I don’t know how well I’ll test on it. At least I got my big speech out of the way. Now I get to sit back and watch while everyone else schizzes out about theirs. It’s very satisfying. I’m glad mine is over and done with.

I can’t belive the month of February is almost over! I never feel like February is even halfway over until my Dad’s birthday, which is tomorrow. He’s going to be… well, he’s going to be old. Haha.

My brothers won their championship basketball game today! Whoo! I just about yelled myself hoarse, and nearly jumped out of my skin. They made a bunch of three pointers, but lost a lot of rebounds. One kid is really good, but really small, and he just got slapped out of the air by one of the bigger players on the other team. He was mad about that. I thought they were going to start fight.

Nothing like a good basketball game. It was awesome fun, and I’m super proud of them. Kind of bummed that the season’s over, but super proud nonetheless.

As of right now, I’m still on Step #4 with Summer Rush. I’m cutting and pasting all the scenes into the proper order that I want them, and inserting and removing scenes that I want/don’t want. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!

Yesterday I was looking at the Body Central magazine my sister always gets. There is the most beautiful dress! I think I’m in love.

It’s so preetttyyy. I like the shoes, too, although I’m terrible about walking in high heels. Not to mention they would make me over six feet tall. Not going there, thank you very much.

I foresee a harried and messy week before me, so I’d better try to get in some relaxing tonight or tomorrow!


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