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I Have Been Watching Jane Austen

Probably a lot more than is good for me, quite honestly. Emma. Persuasion. Northanger Abbey. Mansfield Park. I watched them all in these past two days. They’re really very entertaining. I liked Emma best, because Mr. Knightly was so sweet. Next I plan to watch Pride and Prejudice, because I’m always hearing about how wonderful Mr. Darcy is. I guess I’ll read the books eventually. Maybe over the summer.

I’m taking out my Mohawk today. It’s super messy right now. Plus, my sister is ready to experiment with new styles. My little sister has a curly Mohawk in right now. It’s super cute. You should go look at it. I might try a curly Mohawk next time. Or a purple Mohawk. Or a curly purple Mohawk. ^.^

Today was my dad’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! He had to work today, which sucks. But I sent him a happy birthday text, and we’re having ice cream tonight.

Karlee and I brainstormed for the novels we’re going to write in March. I’m not even going to tell you the entire scope of the mad plot we came up with for me, except that it involves a girl in jail and a murdered president. Craziness. After some of that madness, we went to the Adopt-a-Plot thread in the NaNoWriMo forums. Thanks to a fellow NaNoer, I now know how California Girl is going to begin. I also have half a dozen sci-fi/action plots to explore this summer when I actually have some time.

All in all, it’s been a good day.


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