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Chapter One

According to the advice of my good friend and beta reader, I am rethinking Summer Rush‘s chapter one. I know one of the obvious problems with it was that there was some massive dumping of information on the reader all at once. That will have to be changed ASAP.

Anyway, I’m hoping this chapter will be much improved. It has the same basic set-up as the original, but with a different setting and a different arrangement of characters.

I’m hoping to write this chapter out properly, then get back to Step #4. It’s kind of weird to actually have assignments in regards to editing. I’m used to doing it haphazardly; just fixing whatever I thought needed fixing as I went along. That, undoubtedly, explains the mess that is everything I’ve ever written.

Messiness aside, I will treat you to the new first sentence of Summer Rush.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

I really need a hobby, don’t I?

“I’ve been considering different ways to kill people without leaving any evidence,” I said to my best friend, Tasha Montoya. “It can’t be that hard, right? As long as you plan carefully?”

As per the editing of Snow… obviously, that’s taken a backseat for a bit. So many projects, so little time, and two tests this week. Lucky me. But tomorrow I get to start writing on California Girl! Yay! Since we’re on the subject, I can tell you that CG’s opening scene happens on a plane.

I’m kind of scatterbrained at the moment. I had to tear myself away from writing to do this post. Later-later!


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