Lovely, Lovely Thursday

There’s something beautiful about this Thursday. And you know why? Today was my last day of school. Tomorrow, my Spring Break begins for real, and I am ecstatic beyond belief! I love Thursdays. I love em love em love em. Even though I’m definitely most happy to be starting my break, today was just a wonderful day in general. I absolutely loved:

Waking up at eighty forty-five. I’ve always been a night owl rather than an early bird, so getting to snooze in later on Thursdays are awesome. Have I already mentioned how much I love my bed? It’s worth mentioning twice! I just lazed around so long that I ended up missing breakfast, but it was worth it 😀

Quizzing for my Intro to Comm test before class. I was worried sick about the test, and I’m not completely sure I did well, but the quizzing part was fun. My classmates and I were all flipping through our books and lamenting all the names to remember, but generally having a good time. And you know the weirdest thing? I swear my friend Caitlyn is my cousin Micah in a disguise. They’re so much alike!

Trying out new eye makeup. I admit, I’m like a little girl when it comes to makeup. I’ve certainly learned my lesson about experimenting when you only have twenty minutes before you have to leave for school, which is why I decided to get up fifteen minutes earlier each day (sad, I know). One of these days I’m going to do a completely outrageous style that involves lime green eye shadow.

Working on my art project with Sarah. This is the art project I mentioned earlier. We have to do a presentation on an art form. We chose drawing. So we made a PowerPoint, and I got to see an iMac Pro in action. Gorgeousness. I think I want a Mac now.

All the fun stuff of the day

Sarah’s pink laptop cover – black eye shadow – Michael Jackson – getting Reign of Fire from the library – apple pie with my sister – a clean room! – putting Runemarks on my bookshelf – laughing with Caitlyn, Robby, Mary, Sarah, and Jake – bouncing with my baby (by that I mean EJ, Ryley, before you ask) on the trampoline – singing at the top of my lungs – flying down the highway with the windows down – drinking cream soda – giving up on T (long story, and it sounds bad, but this was a good thing) – lots and lots of sunshine


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