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I’ve Begun to See a Cycle

When I first start editing, I tend to focus on the positive. I make myself think only about the positive; the stuff I love about my novel, how good it’s going to be when I’m through editing. And that keeps me going for awhile. Then, as all the frustration starts to build up, I take a new tack, as my new computer background shows.

This phase is when the hard stuff gets done. But first, there’s a transition period. That’s the period where I sit on my desk, cry, and listen to really loud music with my headphones on. I basically despair of ever getting anything done, ever.

Then comes the actual “This is your book; it sucks, etc” phase. I give myself a good shake. I make myself a new computer background. I tell myself: This is the first draft, girl. It sucks. You knew it would when you started writing. It’s not going to stop sucking on its own. So suck it up and get some work done so you can have a book you can be proud of.

This cycle occasionally happens while I’m still in the writing stage, too.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Begun to See a Cycle

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!
    I’m in the position where I’m really hating what I’m writing so far, and your post is helping me see through that. Also, very nice editing strategy.

  2. There is an old adage “out of the mouth’s of babe’s”. Well, you are obviously not a “babe”, since you clearly state that you are a teenager, but from the vantage point of my, as of today at two twenty four, fifty three years, you are “young”. And yes, there is a point to this, though it may not seem like it.

    My point is that even those of us who “have a little more mileage” than your age group does, we can still learn from you. Your age group is the future, while ours is the past, and this makes some of us blind to the wonderful inspirational possibilities all around us.

    I love your desktop “reality check” design, and, with your gracious permission, will “lift” that idea and convert it to remind myself from time to time not to get wrapped up in self glorification at having written something. And take my word for it, it does happen, as does the depths of despair when we reach a point at which we absolutely loathe what we have written.

    Best of luck in all of your endeavors,

    marantha jenelle

  3. post script…little tip…do a “follow” on juanvillagrana, he is one very talented young man…not to mention very wise for his age. You could learn a lot from him…

    I know that I have.

    marantha jenelle

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