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I’m at the library, so I have to be quiet. I’m editing Summer Rush at the moment, so being quiet is basically impossible. When I edit, I talk to myself. A lot. I have a literal conversation with myself, all out loud. Then there are lots of mumblings and “no, that doesn’t make sense”, “should I really…?”, “but what if she…”, “will that change this scene?”, “what if I kill this character’s dog…” Random stuff like that. I might tape myself sometime and see what I sound like.

I’m about halfway through arranging all the scenes. Then I’ll have to write the ones that need to be put in. I think I might end up pulling even more scenes, but I don’t know. It’s hard for me to think in bits and pieces; I have to be able to envision the big picture to get my mind into working order.

Right now, I have a piece of paper divided into three sections: scenes to be added, scenes with needed edits pertaining to overall plot scheme, and scenes to be cut. Now, if only I knew the overall plot scheme…


One thought on “Shhh

  1. I’m at the same place with my writing. Editing, rearranging, cutting and replacing. It’s driving me crazy. But so worth it.

    Also stopping by to let you know you have a blog award over on my blog!

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