Blog Award!

I have been MIA for a whopping two days, but I feel like I haven’t posted in forever! This is the part where I fill you in on all the marvelous things I’ve been up to… but no. Nothing particularly marvelous. I’ve slept and watched Angel and read Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books like they were going out of style. And I wrote, but that’s for another post. Oh, and I watched a TON of Korean movies (with subtitles!) and most of them made me cry like a baby. I’ll have to tell you all about them.

Anywho, on to what this post is actually about.

I was awarded the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD by the super-sweet Stickynotestories, aka Rebecca. Thank you so much! This is my first ever blog award!

The rules:

  1. Link back to the award givers.
  2. State Seven things about myself.
  3. Pass on the award to 15 recently discovered bloggers.

Seven things about myself. Hm.

1. I have an addiction to printing things. I’m dead serious. I’d print the same thing over and over again just to look at the beautiful white page with all those beautiful words. There’s something about it that makes me extremely happy inside.

2. Recently, I’ve discovered that I love comic books. They’re so awesome. It’s almost like watching a movie, faster than reading a book, and the characters have the most awesome clothes (I love clothes, in case you didn’t know!)

3. I love high heels but I don’t wear them very often because they make me too tall.

4. My favorite color has changed half a dozen times. At first it was blue; I don’t know why. Then it was green, because it was also the favorite color of my Aunt Julie, who I was named after. Finally, it became purple, because of a purple leotard that I… um, borrowed from my older sister ^^ I loved it so much that she finally gave it to me.

5. I love people-watching, especially when I’m driving. First I look at the car – make, model, color, etc – and then at the driver, to see if the person and the car “match.”

6. Just for fun, I’ve started driving with my chair reclined waaay back (not so far it’s not safe, though!). I’m trying to be open-minded and see what my older guy cousins see in this way of driving. It’s actually kind of fun.

7. When I want to read a good book, I’ll go look for it in the Juvenile section of the library. A lot of YA is good, too, but you have to wade through so much angst, cliches, and whiny MC’s that I really just want to kick. The Juvie section is also so much happier! I blame this feeling partly on my never wanting to grow up.

Oooohkay, 15 bloggers that I think deserve the Stylish Blogger Award! It’s not a cheat if I include Rebecca, is it?


Gala Darling




Let the Words Flow Bloggers

Ollin Morales

Cheryl Angst


Beatrix.Renning (something’s up with her Tumblr blog, so I’m giving you this one instead)


Reasoning with Vampires (purely for fun; Twilight-lovers, please don’t shoot me)



Leigh Fallon

Whew! That took longer than I’d hoped, but less time than I expected. These blogs aren’t exactly recently discovered, but to be honest I don’t “discover” new blogs very often. I’m very routine about blog reading, and I read about thirty or so and that’s it.

(Just an FYI: Gala Darling isn’t a blog for everyone. I’ve considered quitting reading it because my personal views differ so much from Gala’s, but her cheery, always-positive attitude is hard to give up!)


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