Good Ol’ Inkpop

I realized I haven’t talked about Inkpop in awhile. That’s not surprising, considering I haven’t even logged on to Inkpop in forever. I miss that site. I honestly think joining the site was one of the smartest things that I, as a writer, have ever done.

For starters, I’d never found so many writers in one place at once! It was like heaven for me. And all those beautiful books. It was like a library at my complete disposal, with no return dates or fines or anything. I wasted no time in creating a profile and diving in. The first book I posted on there, which I doubt anybody remembers, was Angel from Hell: Promise Trilogy Book Two. I loved that book to pieces – and still do – but it was nowhere near ready to be posted.

Still, the comments started rolling in. People were really amazing to have read through that entire novel. Lol. I got great comments, harsh comments, one-liners – everything on the comment spectrum. It was like a crash-course in novel editing and critical reading for me. I started to realize the glaring flaws in the novel, and all the amazing potential the story really had, if I was willing to work at it.

Eventually, I pulled the story off Inkpop and went into Writer’s Hibernation for a bit. New ideas for that novel, as well as whole new ideas for other novels, started up in my head. In the meantime, I kept reading and critiquing on Inkpop; I knew I needed to return the huge favor that the Inkpop community had given me, as well as hone my critic skills.

One thing that helped me a lot was studying the Top Five projects for each month. I took the characters apart, wondered about, studied the story lines. Then I got to read the critiques that those stories got from the Inkpop editors, which helped my understanding a thousand times more.

At long last, I came to this conclusion: I was in love with the Humor/Romance genre. Before that, I’d never tried the genre. I’d never even considered it. Sci-Fi/Action/General Fiction were the only things I were interested in, maybe with a slight pinch of romance tossed in. But on April 24 of 2010, I sat down and started writing the outline for Summer Rush.

The title came to be randomly, so I used it, thinking I’d change it later. I’d always wanted to use the name Lexus, so that was a given. The name  Russia actually came from another book I’d started writing months and months ago (Random Fact: the original Russia was an illegal arms dealer; that’s also where I got Mr. Breckerson’s profession, although his is legal!). SR practically fell into my lap, in all seriousness.

I blocked out the first five chapters in maybe two hours at the most, then started writing like crazy. The characters were so easy to write compared to overly-complex Angel and her non-human companions with constantly developing super-powers. The first ten thousand words were written in about four hours. I checked them for spelling mistakes and, too excited to wait, posted them to Inkpop.

Twenty minutes later, I had my first comment. And as they say, the rest was history!


One thought on “Good Ol’ Inkpop

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