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Red Riding Hood Part Deux

At last I remembered to grab what I’d written about Red Riding Hood from the computer at school.

The movie started out slowly and kind of awkwardly. As I was sitting there I couldn’t help critiquing it. The characters felt extremely underdeveloped. Everyone was blurting out their feelings in a clumsy effort to get empathy going between movie watcher and MC’s. I didn’t like the cliché of the MC, Valerie, liking this one guy, but her parents engaging her to one of the richer, more well-to-do villagers. Whilst I was noting all this, I was doing my best to just focus on and enjoy the movie. Fortunately, it got easier later on.  

I loved the setting. It was gorgeous and creepy at the same time. Further into the movie, I started liking the characters much better. Valerie wasn’t one of those wimpy girls clinging to her boyfriend’s arm. She was tough, which was refreshing. The Big Bad Wolf from the original tale was, in this case, a werewolf. I admit, I thought it would be dumb, but it was great. The wolf was gigantic – it didn’t look real, but hey, I’ll cut them some slack on that facet; how many car-sized wolves did they have to work with – and all black. I knew it was one of the villagers when it was human, and I tried so hard to figure out which one, but there were so many red herrings that I completely lost track.  

All in all, I adored the movie, and I’m going to get it the moment it comes out on DVD. One thing that I loved about it was who the werewolf turned out to be; more importantly, I loved who it didn’t turn out to be. The ending was awesome, although I would have done it differently. But that’s just me.

On a quick side note: I read the most amazing book called The Duff by Kody Keplinger (who happens to be nineteen; she wrote the book in her senior year of high school. How awesome is that?). I completely adored it, and I’ll have to tell you all about it tomorrow, because I really have to go finish my history project right now.

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