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So, I Know I Was Supposed to Do This

I know I said I was going to write a (glowing) review of The Duff – my new favorite book ever – but I’m in a super hurry because I’m still working on my history thing, and I want to give The Duff the proper amount of time it deserves. But before I go on to write my usual randomness, I just have to say this: I can’t wait to read the next book Kody (the author of The Duff, for those of you who forgot) is working on, Shut Out. I’m stopping now before I make anymore crazy fangirly comments.


Anyway, Summer Rush has been neglected terribly, but in the meantime I’m still learning things about writing with imediacy, developing character voice, and finding time to write. Can you tell I’m in love with Let the Words Flow? I’m in love with most writing blogs in general, but LtWF is one of my favorites.

Yes, so, I can see this post is going to be filled to the throat with links. I don’t have time to comment or anything, but I’m still reading some stories on Inkpop, and I ran across Bottled Lightning. It’s such a quirky story. I love it.

Who remembers when I was talking about a sort-of-WIP, Not Another Stupid Romance? Well, I realized I took basically the entire cast of characters from a different story that I had planned, which is ten times more hilarious sounding. I’m tempted to drop everything and start writing it, but I’ve called upon all of my imaginary self-control, and I’ll stay focused on Summer Rush.

Which, contrary to what I just said five seconds ago, has received a little love from me this week. I blocked out two of the scenes that need to be added. I’m still ruminating on what will happen with chapter one. I can’t get it right to save my life. But at least I’ve figured out what will replace the thing I ripped out of chapter two, and, call me crazy, but I’ve been considering pulling out the Brett Geisha character altogether. Mostly because another character caught my eye that could possibly play Brett’s role even better, and be lots hotter and funnier (not more so than Rush, of course!) while doing it.

All of that happened in my head, naturally. I haven’t opened the Summer Rush Word document or looked at the printed drafts since sometime last week, or possibly the week before that. Days have blurred since this history deadline started to loom over me. I’m just waiting for the iPod to finish charging before I go back to transcribing. It’s about halfway done now.

For lack of anything better to talk about (why don’t I just shut up, you ask? What would be the fun in that?), I’ll tell you about this history project. I had to interview my dad about his experiences in the First Gulf War. I recorded the interview on my mom’s awesome iPod – it’s even more awesome than Perry – and now I’m transcribing an hour’s worth of talking. It’s taken me about five hours to do fifty-five minutes (only five more minutes to go!!!).

It’s funny, but listening to my dad’s voice on the iPod is kind of therapuetic. Go figure. I can totally see myself recording my family’s voices and taking that with me when I go to Kentucky, then just listening to them when I feel homesick.

So! Tomorrow: a proper review of The Duff, and probably a long rant about how jealous I am of Kody for having her book published while mine is sitting in my bottom desk drawer ^_^ Okay, not really. It’s actually buried under a pile of my school books on my book shelf, but you get what I mean!

I’m shutting up and leaving right now.


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