Memetastic Award

This is the awesomest award ever. It has balloons on it! LOL. I am so lucky I got this award from Juan at These Immortal Words. Thank you!

The rules:

Once you receive the award you must do a few things:

  • You must proudly display the award in a post.
  • You must list 5 things about yourself and 4 of the 5 must be lies!
  • And you must then pass this prestigious award on, to 5 deserving bloggers.

Check for number one. Five things about me are:

  1. I’ve ridden an elephant.
  2. My favorite color is green.
  3. My dogs are named Joker and Batman.
  4. I hate X-Men.
  5. I accidentally burned the carpet in my room with an iron.

Now, can you guess one’s true? Muahahaha! I need to work on my evil laughter. Ahem. It’s not easy to pick just five deserving bloggers for this prestigious award, but I shall try my best.

  1. YA Highway
  2. Kody Keplinger
  3. Leigh Fallon
  4. Evie J
  5. AuthorCulture

And, sadly, I must stop there. Thank you, Juan, for the award! I gotta’ say, the best part about getting blog awards is being able to pass them on to others.

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