I had to take Naomi to gymnastics practice tonight so, since I was down here, I decided to come to Barnes and Nobles. It’s so quiet here, and this chair is super cushy. We need to get one of these big easy chairs at my house. I’d hog it all the time. It’s not very conducive to writing, but cushy nonetheless. Whilst Naomi tumbles at the gym and Elizabeth browses at Target, I will sit here and attempt not to fall asleep.

Guess what? I didn’t have to do my speech today! Yay! I have the rest of today and all of tomorrow to attempt to perfect it. On the other hand, I did have my art presentation, and I got a big, beautiful A on that! I love it when I get grades instantly. It takes all the worried, panicky waiting out of the bargain. It’s just lovely.

I’m sure you’d all understand if I ended this post here, telling you that I had to get back to writing, but let’s be real. We all know I’d end up going to look at books or, at this rate, curling up for a snooze. I’m shameful, I know. I haven’t quite worked up the self-control to tell myself that I will write, and it doesn’t matter what I really feel like doing. So until that moment of clarity arrives, I’ll just be here, typing these words.

It’s actually kind of motivating to write in a bookstore. You look all around and you see all these books and books and books. And then you think, at least I do, One day, that’ll be MY book. That is, as long as you haven’t been distracted by and are already reading one of those books, so your book is the farthest thing from your mind. Not that I’ve done that. At all. You know I haven’t because I’m typing these words.

Hold on a sec… it’s coming.

Okay, I’m ready to write. Later.


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