I Get It Now

You know when you hear somebody say something, and you agree, but you don’t really get it? That’s what I’ve been doing when people tell me Summer Rush has no description. Don’t get me wrong – I totally agreed with people before. But now, I get it. What brought about this epiphany, you ask?

Chapter one of Summer Rush has changed so that there’s really no mention of either parent in it, so Gem and Maya have to get a proper introduction in chapter two. So I settled down to describing them and went to search my mind for what I’d said in my previous description.

And it was then that I realized that there wasn’t one.


Okay, so anybody who’s read Summer Rush probably already knew that. But I just realized it. And it’s crazy. I can’t believe this. How did I not describe them? I always give descriptions of people, even if it’s just hair and eye color. I think there was a brief mention of the fact that Maya’s eyes were brown, and Gem’s hair was graying, but besides that, there was nothing.

Worse, I didn’t even know what they looked like. I didn’t know what kind of clothes they liked to wear, or what shoes, or what their favorite colors were. I stuck them in the mold of PARENT and kind of left it at that. Sad. Just sad. I am ashamed of myself, especially since Gem and Maya are such sweet people!

So, characterization of Gem and Maya is going to the very top of the list of things to do on Summer Rush. I do know what they look like now, at least. Gem’s of medium height and weight, with the same unruly dark hair as Lexi, and medium brown eyes. Sort of nondescript, actually, but very special to Lexi.

Maya has sun-streaked brown hair that she keeps in a – hold on, before I say this (actually, I’m not going to say this), tell me, for anyone who read Summer Rush, do you think Maya’s hair is long or short? Just wondering. Anywho, Rush got his eyes straight from his mom. Maya’s sort of tallish, almost as tall as Gem, but small-boned with small shoulders. In chapter two she’s wearing a gold sun dress and flip-flops, but I haven’t the slightest idea what her clothing style is.

Every time I find something new that I completely missed, I can only shake my head. How am I ever going to get this head in order?


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