I Feel Like I Should Be Talking About Something That’s Actually Important

I love naming characters. But, to be quite honest, I don’t put a lot of thought into it. When I name my characters, the name has to:

  1. Have good rhythm between first, second, and last names
  2. Be at least slightly cohesive in terms of language of origin
  3. Have good connotation and history

For instance, I would never name a character Alexander Tim. That just doesn’t sound right. The first name is elegant and historical. The second is casual. And I also never name good guys Craig or Walter. I’ve never read a book in which the Walter didn’t die. And I’ve never read a book with a Craig who was nice.

The reason I’ve brought this up is because I was figuring out middle names for the Breckerson and Santorini adults. Obviously, Gem and Maya have their first names already. I think I named Mrs. Breckerson at some point – in fact, I’m sure I did – but whatever the name was, I forgot/don’t like it anymore. Plus, I discovered that this whole naming kids after places/cars thing came from Mrs. Breckerson’s side of the family, therefore she had to be named after a place/car.

Although, technically, Britannica isn’t a place. Originally, Lexus’ middle name was going to be Britannia, but apparently her parents (read: me) liked the sound of Britannica more.

Ahem. But anyway, the official name of Lexus’ mother is now Florida, and Mr. Santorini is Xander. Now that I’ve gotten to know the other parental unit a lot more, I’m sad that I killed them. As it turns out, Florida was a ton of fun. She was very bossy, though. Xander was sort of the same way. He was super obnoxious without even realizing it and loved everything dramatic. Needless to say, Florida and Xander are were Lexus and Rush got their crazy streak from.

Maya Arabela Santorini and Gemini Aric Breckerson (I don’t know what his parents were thinking) had their wild days back in the past, as well. Especially Gem. He’s not as serious as I used to think. ^_^

Anyway, I need to get back to writing. This was all supposed to be summed up in a paragraph about how I actually did the characterization on the Summer Rush adults like I said I would; as my history teacher says, “You don’t need to know this, but I find it fascinating.” What can I say? I invented these people. Everything about them fascinates me.


I just realized, Maya’s middle name – Arabela – means “beautiful lion,” and Gem’s middle name – Aric – means “lion of God.” Funny coincidence. They both have lion in them.

Yeah… just thought I’d mention that 🙂


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