*scribble scribble*

As you may recall, a few weeks ago I printed out a big hunk of Summer Rush and had it bound so I could cart it around with me everywhere, without fear of it falling all over the place. That copy has been invaluable to me this whole week. I’ve taken it everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

Since Monday, I’ve taken it to school with me. Every free moment I have, I work on it, even if I’m in class. That happens about every once in never when I’m in history, but during English, Speech, and Art, I have about thirty sporadic minutes to devote to scribbling all over my SR copy like it’s the only thing in the world. I even found a perfect, inky pen to use which has helped a lot with my writing output.

I may have mentioned before that I was on Step #7 of Junkfoodmonkey’s editing recipe. That’s the micro-editing every line and sentence chapter-by-chapter step. I’m ecstatic to be on this step because that means there’s only one step left to go! Granted, I’m only on chapter three of about thirty chapters, but it’s still utterly marvelous to see even one chapter nearing its final stage.

On that note, I was going to take a picture of how mutilated the pages of this printed copy of Summer Rush have become, but I can’t find my sister’s camera. But they’re a royal mess; I can tell you that. I’ll be keeping them for prosperity. ^_^

I have eight more days until this baby goes back up on Inkpop! I’m so nervous. I’ll need at least the four chapters completely polished by then if I’m going to have the 10,000 words needed to post it as a book. Chapters one and two are virtually done, three is half way there, and I’ve just barely started on four. Line-editing is so time-intensive! I have to find the right balance between grammar, style, voice, and naturality (is that a word?). What I mean is, I have to make everything as grammatically correct as possible while maintaining my writing style, Lexus’s voice, and the natural nuances of human speech. All in as few words as possible.

Anywho, my plan for the day is to do heaps of homework (I need rough drafts for three papers by Monday) and writing so that tomorrow I can go shopping for work boots, and on Saturday I’ll be free to do orientation at Saddle Up! Off to work then.


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