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I Challenge Myself

Like I said a few days ago, the volunteer training session at Saddle Up is tomorrow. The entire session is about five hours long, so it will take the bulk of my day, and I have no doubt I’ll be good and exhausted by the time I get home. Did I also mention the three papers that I’m supposed to have a first draft of by Monday?

So I’m giving myself a writing challenge – not one of the fun variety, unfortunately. My challenge is to write three papers in three hours. They only have to be first drafts, so it should be relatively simply. Just spew pertinent information for five or six paragraphs in a reasonably organized manner, and voila, first draft done. The seven-page paper might take a little longer, because there’s a lot of research required, but I’ll give myself an extra fifteen minutes for that one.

Boring or not, I do love me some writing challenges. There’s something about racing the clock that makes everything ten times for fun/hectic, even if it’s just writing about paintings. That’s the paper I have to write for art class, obviously. I went to the Frist Center and saw a bunch of paintings and sculptures of the Hindu (I think it was Hindu; I can’t remember exactly) god Vishnu. This stuff was pretty fascinating, and so old. I can hardly imagine something lasting that long.

Anywho, I’ve got lots of work to do, plus go shopping for boots. My room is hurting for a little tidying, as well. But enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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