How Did That Make You Feel?

I have become the therapist to Summer Rush’s characters. I’m certainly not arguing that they don’t need one, because they do. The Santorini and Breckerson duos are in much need of some serious sit-down-and-spill-your-guts time. But that’s a whole other story.

Now, I’m fairly sure we all know that I don’t like to plan. I did some planning for SR, but it was more of the “how do I want this to feel?” variety than the “how do I want the plot to be?” That may or may not make sense to anyone. Ahem. The problem with my method (although I will most likely never change methods) is that I can get halfway through a chapter or scene, and then have to pull back, stop completely, and start analyzing. Okay, so I made Rush do this so Lexi will feel this. But why would Rush do that? What outside/inside emotional/physical influence made him do that?

And that is where the psychoanalysis comes in. I’m in the middle of giving Rush his psych test right now. He seemed so simple when I first started out, but he’s become a lot more complicated as I started sifting through the layers. I thought that he was unbreakable and nearly incapable of having his feelings hurt. I’m not thinking that so much anymore.

Lexi is getting a full psych after Rush. Maybe I’ll figure out once and for all why she’s such a brat sometimes. All I know is that she’s capable of being pretty selfish. I don’t know if that’s tied to her amazingly short attention span, the fact that her father, her mother, and Rush’s father (when he was alive) spoiled her rotten, or something else entirely.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s sad that I’m still figuring out the basics of characterization as I’m rewriting the second draft of the novel. But have no fear. I have this baby under control. My mind functions in a certain way, so I have to write in a certain way. It works for me. It really does.

That’s part of the thing that I love so much about writing. There are all these different styles and techniques and voices. Sure, there are some basic rules that you have to obey – capitalize first letter in a sentence, use paragraph breaks, don’t do comma splices, etc. But there’s also so much freedom!

Before I start waxing poetical, I’m going to shut up. Tomorrow’s post is going to be a fun one, because I got an award! Yay! And don’t forget: four more days until Summer Rush’s debut!


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