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A Loss for Words

I don’t know what to write today. I am at a loss for words. For the past couple of days I’ve been doing a lot of writing – school papers, in-class essays, Summer Rush, blog posts. Now I’m all worded out. Tomorrow is the big day. Summer Rush will be thrown out for all to see.

Tomorrow I’ll be excited. Right now I’m really tired. There are two more papers that I need to write; they’re due next Thursday, and lots of research is required for both. The heat has been wearing me out, too. I just want to curl up and sleep, which is not conducive to any kind of work. If all goes according to plan, six chapters of Summer Rush will go up tomorrow, and the first drafts of my essays will be done, too. If all goes according to plan.

I went to a library in another county, today. It was the rich people county of my area ^_^ Their library is awesome! I love libraries; I’ve gone to as many as three in one day. There’s just something about the hushed, book-reverent atmosphere that tickles me to the tips of my toes. I love it. And this library was gigantic, gorgeous, and had ten times as many books as the library I usually go to!

Since it’s in a different county, I have to get another library card issued to be able to check books out, but I’m so doing that. There are more books on writing, horses, and gymnastics than I could read in a school semester (summer is another story altogether!).

This is me at a loss for words. Lol.


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