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It’s Up! It’s Live! It’s… Out of My Reach!

The first four chapters Summer Rush version 2.0 just went live on Inkpop (have at it!). I would admit that I’m scared and nervous, but that would be a lie. I’m petrified. I’m a basket case. I’m out of my mind with pure terror. What if it’s awful? What if I made a grammar mistake? What if everybody hates it? What if I ruined the whole thing by trying to fix it? Or, worse, what if nobody reads it at all?

Rewriting is a delicate thing. I have a bad habit sometimes of rethinking things so drastically that there’s not even a resemblance of what came before. What if I did that to Summer Rush? Ugh, it’s so frustrating! How much is too much?

As you can tell, I’m panicking. In fact, when I first made the page live, I had this near irresistible urge to take it back immediately, before anyone cuold even see it. But I promised. I said I would post something on the 15 of April; that was my goal.


When I first posted SR, I was braced for people to hate it. It was a first draft. The premise was kind of silly. Love-hate relationships were so cliche. Who would actually care about two bickering teenagers who finally learn to trust each other? So I was ready for rejection. I’m really not this time. I put a lot of hours into writing this stuff, and I know it’s nowhere near done, but part of me is still insisting, it’s close, right? It’s almost ready to be loved?

^_^ I am so out of it right now. Panic and sleeplessness plus me equals writer paranoia. I should go to sleep. Chill out. Relax a little before the first comment, or else I may spontaneously combust from pure too muchness.


2 thoughts on “It’s Up! It’s Live! It’s… Out of My Reach!

  1. I can’t get to the page at work (it’s blocked), but I’ll read it this weekend 🙂 Either way, you are very brave for putting your baby out their in the world! I feel the same way every time I post a piece of writing (like this morning, when I posted part of Fie Eoin’s backstory!) or hand it over to my critters. Actually, I’m not as nervous handing it to my critters as I am putting it up on a public site where everyone can see it and pass judgment. So congrats for having the guts to put it out there!

  2. I feel much safer when my work is going to critters. I’m usually pretty excited about that! But something about the general public makes me super nervous.

    I looked at the backstory of Fie Eoin that you posted and commented 🙂 It was good!

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