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Decision Made

The big decision is made. I, Julie Gabrielle Anne, will forego all writing of fictional works until after my school lets out for the summer break. There are a ton of different reasons for this, but there is a main one that I’ll be talking about in a minute. At the moment I just want to say that I know I’ll both hate and love this self-imposed break. My brain is already coming up with things to write that I won’t let myself, so I’ve been scribbling down ideas and little “Notes 2 Self” all day long. Summer will arrive with an explosion of literary genius! Okay, an explosion of writing. I doubt there’ll be anything genius about it.

Reason number one for this break? I need the time. Finals are right around the corner, and I need to devote every possible minute to studying hard so that I do well. The best prose in the world won’t make up for a failed grade (no matter how much I wish that were so).

Reason number two is that, like I said yesterday, I’m having a meltdown where editing SR is concerned. My concentration shattered like cold glass, and the prospects of me getting myself back on track within the chaos of finals is next to none. Losing focus within the middle of editing is hardly a recipe for success, so I think a break will be good on that front. In the meantime, I’ll still be reading writing/editing books, brainstorming, and plotting. I’m just not allowed to write.

Reason number three is the explosion going on in my head, what with so many different things having gone absolutely wild. Summer Rush is throwing a fit; The Angel Saga is clamoring for attention; Not Another Stupid Romance has started up all of a sudden, although I have no idea why; a very old idea of mine, Where They Let the Children Cry, has come to the front of my mind because I saw picture that I thought would make a cool cover for it. Needless to say, I’m being pulled in all different directions at once. My crit partner, the lovely B, and I are taking a break from critting each other’s novels, anyway, in order for us both to focus on the last push for school.

These are good reasons, aren’t they? I feel like I’m making excuses for being a lazy bum, but at least one of these reasons carries some weight, right? Either way, it’s already gone into effect, and no fiction shall come from these fingers until the evening of May 5. After that, I’m allowed to go wild – which I have no doubt that I shall.

Reasons, pros, and cons aside, I’m kind of bummed out. Oh, well. It’s my own fault. And now, to distract me from my problems (^_^), what’s everyone working on now, writing, school, or otherwise?

One thought on “Decision Made

  1. I continue to be amazed at how you have so many writing projects in the works! It’s incredible, and so inspiring. You’re making me want to kick my butt into gear and write a darn novel already! 🙂 But I totally see where you’re coming from with a break – it’s hard to put creative projects to the side but I think your GPA will thank you. Good luck with everything!

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