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I typically think in what would be fragment sentences if they were written out on paper. As far as I know, most people think that way. But once my thoughts start interlacing and, worse, becoming proper sentences, then I know it’s time for a mental break! Either that, or my English teacher has not only become the editor of my papers, but of my thoughts, too. Scary. I just had to say that.

As several people have suggested, I’m trying to chill out and focus on one thing at a time, and really enjoy (if that’s possible) these last days of school. They’ll be over soon enough, and halfway into summer I’ll be missing them, anyway. It’s been, what? two days since I swore myself off writing until May 5? The lack of writing in my life is making me antsy. Fidgety. I’m like an addict going into withdrawal. It’s terrible, especially now since I just got a critted chapter from the lovely B (thanks, B!!), and I am dying to go to work with her suggestions. It’s torture!

On the subject of crits, that’s what we did in English class today. Everybody had to read aloud her paper and get a round of constructive comments from her fellow students. It’s kind of nervewracking, even if it’s just a school paper and not, say, the first draft of some fiction story. But I ended up enjoying myself. We all had our desks pulled into a circle, and it was very intimate. Listening to all of the different advice and mentally taking apart and examining someone else’s work was… well, it was very different. And fun. I’m going to miss English class when it’s all done with.

One positive thing about foregoing fiction writing has been that I write in my journal more often. I need some sort of outlet, or else I’ll go stark raving mad, so journaling it is! I write for about an hour before bed, about everything from books to get from the library, blossoming story ideas, and what happened during the day. I always get a laugh out of reading over old journal entries. Who knew I was such an emotional roller coaster last year? ^_^ One of my favorites, though: sometime past midnight last week, I scribbled down an idea that involved a girl and her best guy friend playing with dolls when they were younger, and then something about a real-life Ken. I’ll have to sort that out sometime.

Last night I was talking to Elizabeth about the Angel Saga, and I realized something. The supporting sort-of main character, Hell, sincerely apologizes exactly twice within the three plus years over which the novels take place. Wow. We’re going to have to work on someone’s attitude. LOL.


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