Polka Dot Fingernails and the Public Library

I am, once more, sequestered in the corner of the library, head capped with massive Sony headphones, library books and textbooks spread across the table to my right, and a shiny, stainless steel lamp to my left. There are big windows on my left, too, and through them I can see quickly-moving, Thursday afternoon traffic and faint rays of sunshine.

The library is quiet. There are people on computers, and rows and rows of shelves crammed full of awesome books dominate the center of the entire building. I can hear the air conditioning going in spite of my headphones. The carpet is gray with patterns of circles in a darker shade of gray.

The lady sitting across from me at a table is about twenty-something. She has on a white baseball cap that looks like it was originally intended for a guy. Her arms are crossed, and she has on headphones. Her gaze is riveted on the computer screen of her slightly beaten up, white Mac computer. Her expression is slightly grim, which makes me wonder if she’s even enjoying what she’s doing.

Have I bored you to death yet? I’m practicing. Not to bore people to death, of course. I’m practicing recording the things I see in order to make my descriptions better in my writing. Obviously I wouldn’t put all that info in if my MC happened to be sitting at a library, supposedly to do her homework, but writing a blog post instead ^_^

Lack of description is way high up there in my list of writing faults, and I have decided it’s high time I attempt to fix it. So, for the past week or so, I’ve been trying to be more alert to my surroundings. You know what I’ve learned? I am sadly oblivious. I breeze through a room without even noticing there are people sitting there. I can stare at my sister all day but not remember what color t-shirt she was wearing. Sad, I know.

But practice makes perfect (perfect practice makes perfect, as my Dad says) so I can fix this, even if I have to walk around recording everything I see with notebook and pen until I can teach myself to see everything but just pick out the important things.

For instance: a non-important thing, at least at the moment, is the fact that my nails are bright green with peach-colored polka dots. My youngest sister, Jasmine, painted them for me last night. But I’ve been oddly obsessed with staring at the color for this entire day.

So, that is what I’m working on – descriptions and setting. I have everything in my head, I just need to learn to get it on paper!


3 thoughts on “Polka Dot Fingernails and the Public Library

  1. bingo!
    I’ve been scouring the land for teenage writers 😀

    I’m new here in wordpress and have actually got some stories written…unfortunately, nobody has read them that much and I would like for people to comment on them…especially since they are geared towards YA fantasy mumbo jumbo!

    i don’t know what you feel about twilight but i try my best to steer from S. Meyer stuff…

    Hope you can check my pages out sometimes! thanks!!!

    1. Hey! We teenage writers can be difficult to find sometimes ^_^

      Welcome to WordPress, and congrats on having so many projects on their way to being done! Getting feedback on your writing is awesome, so I’ll have to come check out your work sometime – probably after finals in two weeks, when I’ll have time to really put all my focus into reading. YA fantasy is one of my favorite genres, too.

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