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I Love My iPod

I had my iPod Touch, Perry, for about nine months. He was a good iPod, and I loved him. He was great for writing down story ideas in the middle of the night, he carried my music library faithfully, and he was there to fill my ears with upbeat music when I was feeling down.

Today, I’m afraid I must – very sadly – report his death.

Okay, he’s not really dead. This is what happened. My mom got an iPod Touch as well, but hers is the even newer one, with 32 GB versus Perry’s 8 GB. Plus, Mom’s iPod can take voice memos without an extra equipment; with Perry, I would have had to get a microphone. And Mom’s has a camera. So, being the loving mother that she is, Mom agreed to swap iPod’s with me. She had all those fun extra things on her MyTouch, so she won’t miss them.

Since Perry now officially belongs to Mom, I feel like he’s dead and gone. Let’s have a moment of silence for him.

… <– the moment of silence

RIP, Perry. You were a good iPod, and I loved you. The trade was nothing personal. I was attracted to shiny objects. You will always have the special place in my heart as my first.

BUT. I absolutely love this new iPod. For starters, I can quadruple my music, video, and picture library (which I’ll probably never do. I don’t even know that many songs!). I can take pictures with this iPod and, best of all, record voice memos.

I used to be pretty iffy about having my voice recorded. It’s just weird. But it’s grown on me, mostly because it’s given me the ability to brainstorm out loud. I tried it for the first time the other day while I was waiting for my sister to get out of class. I hit record, sat back, and just started talking/rambling. The actual useful things I said were punctuated with random sounds of me swigging back Dr. Pepper and tapping my fingers against the steering wheel in my car.

Anyway, I’ve discovered that this is a ton of fun, and I’m probably going to be doing it more often. It’s always been easiest for me to think out loud, unhampered by having to try and make my typing fingers keep up with my speeding-train thoughts.

On a side note – this thinking out loud thing has opened a Pandora’s Box of ideas concerning Summer Rush and its impending drafts. I’m kind of worried about how drastic things might become with it, and I’m trying to calm myself down, but I just keep thinking about what what the book Revision and Self-Editing said: raise the stakes. Is it possible to make the stakes too high?


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