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Fun Stuff

My lack of writing has, as I mentioned, made my brain go into overtime. Guess what? I figured out what that two best friends playing Barbie was all about. Since I couldn’t write it, I made a cover instead. Ta-da!

My cover-making madness did not stop there. I give you the cover for Where They Let the Children Cry.

My boredom is so apparent, isn’t it? I learned what Hell Hanneman’s (supporting character in The Angel Saga, for those of you who don’t know) favorite book is – The Art of War, by Sun Tzu. I’m really not surprised. Elizabeth got it from the library, and it just seemed so Hell-like. I also discovered he drives a Jaguar XK. I’ve always known he drove a Jaguar, but then I saw an XK on the street yesterday, and it screamed Hell. Very cool.

Today I watched How to Train Your Dragon for the first time. Awesomeness! I love it. I can’t remember a Dreamworks movie that I haven’t loved, actually, but this one is right up there with The Prince of Egypt and Kung-Fu Panda. Hiccup had a great character, his father was hysterical, and Toothless was so funny and smart. I love love love the whole movie.

I’m still reading Revision & Self-Editing, with the hopes of getting another book in the series, Description & Setting (I know a lot of people will be happy about that! Lol).

I started watching Alias again today. I love that show. So much high-tech, spy-ish, kick-butt awesomeness in it.

Can I be anymore pathetic? I’m going to go wallow in my writinglessness. *goes off to wallow*


2 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

    1. I’m trying to focus on studying and finals. Taking writing out of the equation gives me oodles of time to do that. This rest time has been really good in getting me to think my plots through, though, so it’s doing double duty 🙂

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