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Public Service Announcement

Counting today, I have three days of study time before I’ll have three days of tests. So, that being said, I won’t have much – or any, really – time to do any interesting posts. But I’m still trying to reach my goal of posting every day, so there’ll probably be some really boring post up here.

Kind of like this one.



There’s this really interesting book you should read, called Impossible by Nancy Werlin. I read it awhile back. Awesome, awesome book.

You should also read the Write Great Fiction books. Oh, and Nightshade; I think I’ve mentioned that one before.

So, that’s about it! I’m about to go to the YMCA, and then I have to study. Lucky me.

2 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. My finals are coming up in June, so I still have some time haha. But I have a hard time posting anyway.
    I’ve heard a lot of great things about NIGHTSHADE, but as much as I want to read the series, the cover redesigns that Philomel did for the books just really turned me off lol. You’re talking about the book by Andrea Cremer, right?
    Good luck with your finals!

    1. Yeah, those are the books I’m talking about. I don’t like the new covers, either. The first ones were so gorgeous. It was why I picked Nightshade up in the first place!

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