Theme Songs!

I had a moment of free time on my hands last night, and I remembered that I’d started coming up with theme songs for the characters in The Angel Saga. Well, I found the list, and got a little carried away with it, as I so often do!

Angel: Hurry Up and Save Me, Tiffany Giardina – I Still Believe, Hayden Panettiere – Fighter, Christina Aguilera

Hell: Calling my Angel, Jason Derulo – Better Than Drugs, Skillet – Never Say Never, The Fray – Remember the Name, Fort Minor

Rihanna: The Kill, 30 Seconds to Mars – Second Chance, Shinedown

Dominic: Whispers in the Dark, Skillet

Anatoliy: Take Me, Hawk Nelson

Jack: Breathe Into Me, Red – Prelude 12/21, T.F.I

Rhett: Must Be the Money, Nelly

Jacobs: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Shelly: I’ll Stand by You, Girls Aloud

Kelti: Beautiful, Eminem – Stand in the Rain, Superchick – Keep Holding On, Avril Lavigne

Tandy: Everything You Ever Wanted, Wow – Perfect, Pink – My Immortal, Evansence

Angel & Dominic: I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston – Don’t Give Up, Sanctus Real – Don’t Say Goodbye, Skillet – Wherever You Will Go, The Calling – Give Me One Reason, Barlow Girl

Hell & Tandy: Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer – Energy, Keri Hilson – Break Even, The Script – Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis

Angel & Jack: Beautiful Lie, Jennifer Paige – Angels, Within Temptation – Why Does It Rain? Darin Zanyar

Angel & Rihanna: All About Us, T.A.T.U – I’ll Stand By You, Girls Aloud

Angel & Hell: We Ride, Rihanna – You, Plus One – Life After You, Daughtry – Love Suicide, Ester Dean – Need You to Love Me, Barlow Girl – Too Late to Apologize, Chris Allen – Love the Way You Lie, Eminem – King of Anything, Sara Bareilles – Gone, Course of Nature

Rihanna & Hell: Be My Escape, Relient K – Things We Go Through, Hawk Nelson

There are songs for couples, best friends, stand alone characters, and awkward relationships. I wanted, like a best friends song for Dominic and Hell, but I couldn’t find one! I’ll have to keep my eyes and my ears open.


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