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The Month of May

This morning I flipped the page in my calendar over from the scribbled upon, ragged page of April, to the clean, freshly white page of May.

There are some scribbles on this page – a reminder of my first day of work at Saddle Up, the days of my finals, my new deadline for finishing this draft of Summer Rush, when I get my ACT scores back (I took a practice test they were offering at my library just to see if I could beat my last score) – but, otherwise, it’s a clean new month.

I like starting over, whether it be a new day, a new month, or a new project. There’s just something exhilarating about it.

My good mood was also contributed to by a lovely, lovely comment that I got on Summer Rush on Inkpop, courtesy of Inkpopper Onions.

A few words I would use to describe the plot are: beautiful, unusual, enthralling, unique, and LOVEABLE. Loveable is one of the traits that keeps people hooked after you’ve gotten them at the beginning with the list. I love the plot and the pitch, which is entertaining but also just descriptive enough to be enthralling. While this can be kind of a cliché plot, you’ve really made it into something more than that, with your unusually unique characters.

What girl – what person – wouldn’t love to wake up to something like that?

I’ve already moaned and griped and groaned about how much I want to get back to writing, so I won’t bore you with more whining. I only have four more days, including today, and then I’ll be free from school and free to write! Yay! *throws confetti*

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, peoples!


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