Ten Hours

I’m writing this at about twelve in the morning. I may end up doing two posts today, because I may be so excited about summer freedom that I just have to write something. Or it may be a lazy day in which I don’t even lift a finger, let alone write a post.

I’m kind of freaked. At nine today is my last exam, history, which is a subject that I really loved last semester. For some reason, I didn’t enjoy it as much this semester.

There was definitely a lot more depressing subject matter to cover, and the break-neck pace of the class is intimidating. I should be studying for the test right now, but I can’t. I won’t, anyway. My brain is trying to convince me it’s summer already, and I don’t need to study.

I said goodbye to the people in my Speech class today, which was kind of sad. I’m going to miss those guys. We had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot – one of the most notable things being to always carry lots of extra writing utensils, because the guy next to you is always going to need to borrow one! ^_^

Right now I need to get back to studying, or this exam will slaughter me. I’ve hoping that all goes well! Studying and prayer probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’m off! Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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