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First Full Day

I am out of school! I am officially no longer a college freshman! Whoo! Haha! *dances around and stands on her head* FREEEEDDDDOOOOMMMMM!

In spite of my panicking yesterday, I think I did well on my history test. In fact, I think I did much better than I usually do, especially on the essay portion. Go figure.

All of my exams are finished and recorded. I’ll know my final scores for the semester on the 13.

But, for the moment, I don’t give a care what the scores were. I have a whole, beautiful, writerly summer stretching ahead of me. The sheer amount of opportunities is dizzying.

This morning I had a nice, long sleep-in (until eleven thirty), but that’s the last time I intend to do that. Summer is too valuable to waste lying in bed!

Yesterday, to celebrate our freedom, Elizabeth and I went book shopping, and we went to Hobby Lobby, and I got this totally amazing sketch-by-number (don’t laugh; I can’t draw to save my life) of horses. Then we had pizza for lunch, and we got ice cream and root beer to make root beer floats! Yum.

Then we came home and watched eight or nine episodes of Angel, season 4. We have four more episodes to watch until season 5, which is when Spike comes back! Yay!

Today, my uncle is coming over, I have my first day of work at Saddle Up!, and, hopefully, have some time to get some writing done. The only thing I’m definitely sure I’ll be doing is critting a chapter for the lovely B. Otherwise, my options are wide open!

I love summer.

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