I’m Reviewing the Situation

Has anyone ever watched the musical version of Oliver Twist? I love that movie so much. It’s absolutely genius, and the music was brilliant. Fagin was the best.

Anyway. What situation, you ask, am I reviewing? I’m reviewing the Summer Rush situation. My ban on fiction-writing has been lifted, my weekend stretches before me, and the languishing pages of my novel call to me. It’s time to continue my attack plan! Finally!

During my hiatus from writing, I’ve been considering lots of different things. Some of the midnight epiphanies weren’t as brilliant as I’d thought when morning rolled around, but some of them were, and those are going into the mixture.

I’m really excited to be going back to writing. All the hard copies and scribbled notes and character bios are piled on my desk, waiting for my attention while I’m writing this post. Last night, to just sort of jog my writing mind of my Summer Rush characters, I read through some old stuff that didn’t make the cut into the novel.

I didn’t realize until just then how much I missed not just writing, but my SR characters in particular. Who knew you could get so attached to fictional characters?

Oh yes, yesterday was my first day at Saddle Up! To say I was nervous would be a lie – I was pretty much petrified. But it was awesome to meet the kids see the horses and other volunteers again. The whole atmosphere in that place is great. I love it. I think I was learning as much in the riding lesson as the kids were!

My sister is nagging me to fold laundry. Gotta go!


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