Return to Inkpop and Other Things

I took a hiatus from Inkpop way, way, way back in June of last year so I could focus on finishing up school and getting everything with my graduation into place.  I haven’t really gotten back to it since then, just in short bursts and stops. But it’s time to get back to it!

I really love Inkpop. Obviously, I love to read! And there are so many stories on there. Plus critting is one of my favorite things in the entire world to do. So, Inkpop is definitely on my to-do list – which, by the way, is rapidly growing into this gigantic monster of a creature.

Yesterday I watched Megamind for the first time. Wow. I’m in love.

Yes, I’m notoriously easy to amuse. But Megamind was just amazing. It was hilarious, and there were great plot twists, and I was in love with the great MC, Megamind himself, within the first five minutes of the story.

I love how it was almost like a parody of Superman, what with the kid being sent from a planet that was destroyed, the reporter lady, etc. It was great. I’m so glad we got it for my brother’s birthday. Now I just need to watch Tangled, and I’ll be more or less caught up with animated films that I’ve wanted to wach.


This is kind of a short post, because I’m writing right now, and I have to get back to it. It’s good to be back.


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