Freshman Year: What I Learned

Of all the wonderful tools you are equipped with during your college years, it’s funny the things that stick with you the longest. I’m not going to bore you with all the useful things I learned, because what would be the fun in that? I’ll tell you the top things I found the most interesting.

3. How the Philadelphia Eagles got their name. The Eagles are my dad’s favorite team. They were named in honor of one of President Roosevelt’s New Deal programs that had a bald eagle as their emblem.

2. NASCAR basically originated with rum-runners. I was never a big NASCAR fan, as much as I like fast cars, but this is fascinating. Way back in the day, people smuggled alcohol from one area to another to avoid LEO’s. But it was obvious when you were packing alcohol, because your vehicle would sink down.

So, in the likely event the drivers caught some legal attention, they had to try and outrun them. It became something of a bragging right to have the fastest car. Races were held to help determine which car really was the fastest. Voila! NASCAR.

3. The first movies with sound and color would be rated R today. Go figure.

History class was a wealth of such useful knowledge 🙂 I learned lots of other stuff, like the scientific definition of a color wheel, what the heck a stupa was, wabi-sabi, Rosetta Stone, communication models, etc.

Now that I’ve put some distance between myself and school, I can appreciate all the things I’ve learned. But I’ll probably go back to lamenting as soon as the fall semester starts. Just being honest.


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