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Summer Rush Editing Progress

Today was a used book fair for my homeschooling group (not really mine anymore, but my family’s). Book fairs are the bomb. I love love love em.

At book fairs I found some of my favorite books: Wolves of Willoughby Chase, Eon, The Dead Don’t Dance, etc.

Oh, speaking of Eon – I just read the sequel, Eona and… *bows down and worships the book* Okay, I’m kidding about the worship part. But the Eona: Dragoneye Reborn is amazing. I’ll tell you guys all about it another day.

Anyway, I only brought up the book fair to say that, during the two and a half hour car trip, I was working on Summer Rush. I’m currently editing one of my favorite chapters – 12: The Challenge. I expect I’ll be done with it before I go to bed tonight.

Speaking of entertainment, we got Never Say Never from Redbox! Squee! Undoubtedly that means nothing to you unless you’re a Justin Bieber fan.

But, focusing on the actual subject of this post. SR’s deadline is May 31, so it’s definitely sneaking up on me. I have no doubt that I’ll be finished, though.

In the very beginning of this rewrite I was completely obsessing over every little detail, so it took me days to finish a chapter. But I’ve warmed to the fact that this is just one rewrite, and I’ll catch lots of stuff in Summer Rush 3.0 that I didn’t catch in this. So, it’s all good.

Matthew’s doing all right. He seems a lot happier now that he’s got some painkillers into his system, and he even wags his tail when we go by, so that’s a good sign.


2 thoughts on “Summer Rush Editing Progress

  1. Good luck editing!

    HAHA everyones dead line is end of this month! Mine, yours, Juans… gosh this is crazy. We need some serious help!

    I need to be writing/editing right now actually… :/

    PS: O.o love love love book fairs!

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