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Atrophied Writing Muscles

I went to the YMCA this morning, and – with my mom and my sister – I did a class with weights.

My muscles are still shaking.

I did gymnastics for about twelve years when I was younger, and I could run screaming and cartwheeling up and down my entire street for hours without getting tired. But between school, more intensified writing, and blogging, I spend a lot more time at my desk than I used to.

All those muscles have atrophied, and getting them back into shape is going to be a horrific ordeal for me. I’m very lazy now.

As I’ve discovered, many of my writing muscles have atrophied as well, particularly muscles pertaining to two very important things: setting and plot.

My first writing was filled with descriptions. Way too much of it, in fact. I don’t know whether I realized it or somebody pointed it out to me, but at some point I started cutting back. A lot. And now I don’t use enough.

For months and months – maybe years – my setting and descriptions have been anemic little things. And the mental muscle I use for writing it has been out of practice. When I try to use it, it moans and groans and gives me heck for it.

My plot muscle has been giving me a lot of trouble, too. I used to think up new ideas every day. Quite literally, multiple plots and character casts, every single day. Now I have so many ideas that I just recycle old ones and don’t need to think up new ones.

My mind has turned to NaNoWriMo 2011, and the idea of thinking up an entirely new plot terrifies me. What happened to my robust plot muscle?

These two areas are going to need as much exercise as my physical muscles if I’m going to get myself and my writing back in shape!


2 thoughts on “Atrophied Writing Muscles

  1. haha it sucks when you get out of shape. I run track, and this past season i hadn’t done intense cardio in between 2010 and 2011 seasons. I went through sooooo much pain getting back in shape. shin splints and all i made it through… I have got to keep up with that this summer.

    Writing muscles also… i need some help with my “organization/pre-plan” muscle. A LOT OF HELP. haha

    good luck!

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