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Dear Inner Editor

Dear Inner Editor,

I’ve heard a lot about you. People say you can be a mean person. I’ve been told to lock you up in a good, strong cage when I’m writing first drafts, or else you’ll bog me down.

You are inside my head, so you know all the helpful suggestions about locking you up that I’ve received, especially from last NaNoWriMo. And I did lock you up, nice and tight. Either that, or you’ve been locked up all this time.

Because, Inner Editor, you didn’t exist to me a couple of years ago, when I thought I was going to be the best writer of all time. I guess you were leaping at the chance to help me out all this time, but I didn’t notice.

I just want to say this: thank you for sticking around.

So many awesome people have been helping me with Summer Rush, and I love them tons for it, but you helped me figure out how to incorporate their suggestions. And now that we know better, you’ve never let an adverb slip past me.

However, in spite of your many requests, YOU ARE STILL NOT GETTING A NAME. JEEZ. You want people to think I’m crazy or something? Now hush up and do your job.

Love, Gabs


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