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It’s Not a Writing Schedule, But…

A couple days ago, I think I mentioned that I got this really sweet, hot pink day planner. I splurged a little because 1) it was hot pink, and 2) it had this really shiny button to keep everything closed.

Anyway, it’s actually turned out to be super helpful in terms of my writing. I’ve always been a mostly disorganized, spur-of-the-moment, I’ll-do-this-if-I-remember sort of writer. I’ve been planning to create a writing schedule for myself ever since January.

My planner has sort of fulfilled that. I don’t make concrete plans, but it helps that every night, I write down what particular scene I want to work on, or what chapter, or little notes for the third draft revisions.

This way, I can see all of my goals laid out in linear fashion. For instance, under Thursday, May 19, I wrote the following:

SR: chapter 15,16, and setting

Crit B’s chapter

Blog: Dear Inner Editor

And for Friday, May 20:

SR: character descriptions, setting, ch 17, arguments

Email Kim

Blog: It’s Not a Writing Schedule, But…

Originally, I was going to use my planner for everything ever, but it’s become devoted entirely to writing. It’s super handy, particularly since my deadline for this draft is sneaking – no, roaring – up behind me faster and faster with each passing day.

It’s not a writing schedule, but this little bit of structure to my writing habits has helped a lot already. I feel, dare I say it, productive ^_^


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