Everyone Must Participate!

I love writing challenges, especially when I only have nine days to finish my totally unrelated project. It really gets the blood rushing, dont’cha know?


The Power of Tension Blogfest.

Everybody must participate. Really. It’ll be super fun. I’m thinking I’ll use a passage from the MONSTER, but it’ll require some serious spit and shine before I’d dare to show it in public.

Summer Rush will undoubtedly suffer from this, but who cares? I mean, I do, but I’d rather do this challenge because it just sounds like fun, and I love challenges. *pats Summer Rush on the cover* I’ll come back to you, dear, have no fear!

And lastly, GO HERE: READ THIS. It’s a fascinating book by B, and it wants a gold star badly!


3 thoughts on “Everyone Must Participate!

  1. O gee… only nine days… that means I also only have nine days. Well, I can kiss my deadline goodbye, or my beauty rest. I’ll have to pick one. And quite frankly, I like my sleep! HAHA 😀

    Good luck!

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