It’s Coming for Me

My deadline is coming for me. Cue the creepy music. It’s only fitting. My deadline is a big, scary monster, with red eyes and wicked horns. It growls, too, I believe. Scary.

With only eight days left to finish fourteen and a half chapters in Summer Rush, I’m kind of panicking. Just a little. I need to make this deadline because I need to have this draft done right now.

That said, it’s time to lay out the game plan, and kick into high gear. Today I’m planning on going to the library, settling down, and working myself into an editing frenzy. Finishing my current chapter and getting at least three more done is my goal for today.

There’s nothing like an approaching deadline to get your head on straight (kind of like being in the bottom two on America’s Next Top Model, which I’ve been watching way too much of lately).

My writing fervor is much restored, in part to coming up with this new story idea the other day, involving a girl named Pink and a superhero called an Emphasis. Remind me after this month is over, and I’ll enthrall you with the details. I might use it for my NaNoWriMo idea.

Back to work for me. Good luck to everybody whose deadline is the end of this month, as well. But don’t forget, EVERYBODY MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE POWER OF TENSION BLOGFEST.


4 thoughts on “It’s Coming for Me

  1. Ah! My deadline is scaring the crap out of me lol I didn’t we realize we had so little time left. I can probably finish STARSONG by the end of May, but there is literally too much end-of-the-year stuff going on!
    *sigh* I hope that you can at least finish your draft.

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