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Multiple Projects, One Attack Plan

At night, before I go to bed, I like to make lists of the most important things I need to do the next day. The lists don’t always work out because of unexpected responsibilities popping up or sudden, desperate need for Target runs, but it helps.

Today, I have various writing projects that I really need to get done – Summer Rush, my entry for the Blogfest, and a flash fiction challenge. Since I tend to have tunnel vision and obsess over single projects at a time, multi-tasking is not my strong suit. But I’ve decided, once and for all, that I’m going to learn this mysterious art now, so my writing can benefit from it in the near future.

My first step? Figuring out what projects I’ll be working on for the day, and then breaking each project down into as many small steps as I can. My entry for the Blogfest was the easiest one to figure out, so I started with that.

The first thing to do was figure out what passage I wanted to use from the MONSTER for my entry. Last night, I got the two tomes that house the novel in its entirety – more or less – and started flipping through, looking for the most tense writing I could find.

I’ve narrowed it down to two. After I finish this post, I’ll pull up both passages on my computer and start the stern examination to see which is more structurally sound and contains more comprehensible story inside just 500 words. Once I’ve made my choice, I’ll print out a copy and put the scene onto the chopping block for a short, violent round of editing or rewriting; whichever is needed.

All of this, hopefully, will occur before lunch, at which time I’ll set that aside and get to work on my flash fiction challenge piece until I have to take my sister to the gym. And for the three hours that I have to sit at the gym, I’ll work on Summer Rush until my writing hand falls off.

Sound like a sound plan?


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