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More On Goals

I love writing check lists for my day, so that when I look back over it when I go to bed, I can see all the things I’ve accomplished.

It makes for an easier sleep, since I know there are that many things that I won’t have to do in the morning. I get that same feeling, multiplied times a thousand, for the really big things in life. For instance? Graduating high school.

The reason I bring this up is because I was looking back over one of my journals today, and I found this.

Right now I just feel this incredible drive to graduate high school.

I’ve always done stuff with Elizabeth, we’ve always done the same schoolwork, so now it seems crazy to me to think that she’d graduate without me.We’re like sun and moon, summer and winter. Total opposites, but dependent on the other.

Maybe it’s just the challenge that excites me.

Can I do two years of school in one? Can I get good enough grades to win a scholarship doing so much work? That’s just me. I like a challenge.

That was almost two years ago. And you know what? I did it. I got good grades. I graduated. I got in college and kept making good grades. Looking back, it’s kind of surreal.

I haven’t changed much since then. I don’t write such bad run-on sentences, but I still stay up late huddled over Tasha while I know I should be sleeping. I still like to write early in the morning and at night. I still complain about homework even while I literally slap myself to force myself to keep going (don’t laugh. It helps).

It’s funny, all the different goals I’ve set for myself. Some were never going to happen. Some happened by accident. And some, like writing my first novel, happened because I forced myself to use the butt-in-chair-fingers-on-keyboard method.

But you know what’s totally awesome? Achieved goals. Any achieved goals, not just writing or school goals. Running marathons. Getting up earlier. Taking your dog for a walk every day. Smiling more. Drinking more water. ANYTHING.


For every reached goal out there, and for everyone still reaching for a goal: YOU ARE AMAZING. Keep going. Continue with your awesomeness.

I will take life’s lemons, make grape juice, and watch the world trip over itself trying to figure out how I did it. 

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