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A Borrowed Tag

I borrowed this tag from Mirriam because it looked like fun.

Here are the rules:

1-) Choose 3 of your characters

2-) Make your characters answer these questions

3-) Tag 3 other people

My characters: Lexus Breckerson, Angelica Fulleri, Hell Hanneman


Do you want a hug?

Lexus: Sure! Group hug!

Angelica: You’re not going to stab me in the back, are you? Just checking.

Hell: No. Don’t ask again.

Do you have any kids?

Lexus: Uh… no.

Angelica: Yup. Three. But it’s a very long story.

Hell: I fail to see how that concerns you.

Have you killed anyone?

Lexus: No, but there’s this one guy who I’ve been thinking about killing.

Angelica: That depends on who’s asking. And if accidents count.

Hell: Yes. Would you care to know the number, or are you finished being nosy?

Love anyone?

Lexus: Of course. Maya, Dad, Rush (sometimes), my friends, Tasha, James… need I go on?

Angelica: A lot of people. Some dead, some not. Some who would probably kill me given the chance, but hey, you can’t pick who you love!

Hell: Love is an emotion very few people can afford. But yes, against my better judgment, I do love a few people.

What is your job?

Lexus: I don’t really have one. Do good in school, I guess. And take care of my Dad.

Angelica: Staying alive.

Hell: Keeping my people alive.

Favorite season?

Lexus: California hardly has seasons.

Angelica: Summer! I hate the cold.

Hell: Why does it matter? That’s what climate control is for.

Who’s your best friend?

Lexus: James! And Tasha, sometimes. And Rush. Can I have multiple best friends?

Angelica: My sister, Rihanna, and Dominic tie for that position

Hell: I don’t have one.


Lexus: Gymnastics! I’m ten time National champion, not that I’m boasting or anything.

Angelica: I like horseback riding. And watching TV, sometimes, but some people *cough*Hell*cough* say it’s brain softening and don’t let me do it often.

Hell: Training.

What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Lexus: I’ll probably go bother Rush or something. He’s such an easy target.

Angelica: Work out, most likely. Hell wasn’t happy when we were interrupted. We’re doing combat training while blindfolded. Fun stuff… but kind of painful, too.

Hell: Something far more interesting than this, I’m sure.

What is your eye color?

Lexus: Brown.

Angelica: Hazel. It runs in the family.

Hell: Black. I’ve been told there’s purple around the edges.

Are you good? Or bad?

Lexus: Good! Most of the time. I try.

Angelica: The matter’s still out for debate. I feel good, though. I think that should count.

Hell: I’m whatever I feel like being at the moment.

What is your greatest fear?

Lexus: That something bad will happen to my family, and I won’t be able to do anything to help them.

Angelica: That I won’t be there when I’m needed.

Hell: I’m not afraid of anything.

What do you think of your parents?

Lexus: I love my ’rents. Well, ’rent. My mom died when I was little. But Maya is like my mom, and I love her to bits!

Angelica: Parent. Just one. Sort of. Well, technically – okay, never mind. It’s a long story. I loved my mom. She’s dead now. And my dad, or the guy I thought was my dad, or… whatever! I’ll just say it’s complicated and leave it at that.

Hell: My father is trying to put me in prison. My mother nearly killed me simply by existing. What do you think I think about my parents?

Any siblings?

Lexus: No. But I’d love one. Dad says that’s so not going to happen.

Angelica: I thought I had a brother. But no. I’m sibling-less, except for Rihanna, and she’s kind of a dog now…

Hell: I had a half sister.

Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Lexus: Yup!

Angelica: You’re kidding, right? I love talking about myself!

Hell: I’m sure I would have mentioned it if it was.

Do you have any weaknesses?

Lexus: Chocolate. It’s an addiction. And it takes me a really long time to make up my mind about anything.

Angelica: I have a faulty muscle that’s a real pain in the butt when I’m fighting. My family is my weakness, I guess. I’d do anything for them, even stupid stuff.

Hell: I have no weaknesses.

Your favorite element?

Lexus: Fire! Pyromaniacs ftw!

Angelica: Water. I love the ocean.

Hell: Fire.

Do you care what others think of you?

Lexus: Yes and no. Depends on the person.

Angelica: Sadly, yes. That’s probably another weakness.

Hell: Do I look like I care?

Your theme song?

Lexus: “What Do You Want from Me” by Adam Lambert.

Angelica: “Whispers in the Dark” by Skillet. I’ve been told it’s because I’m needy.

Hell: Why would I need a theme song?

{{Me: it’s “Calling My Angel” by Jason Derulo; he just doesn’t want to admit it!}}

And that’s the end! I’m supposed to tag three people, but whoever wants to do this, take it away!


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