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What Are Your Characters’ Most Precious Belongings and Why

My sister and I were talking about weapons the other day, which made me think about the characters in The Monster, aka The Angel Saga. The main character, Angelica, has a switchblade that she loves, both to fight with and just to have.

That, in turn, made me think about what all of my characters’ most precious belongings were, and what that said about them as people.

I picked three characters and decided to figure out what their favorite material belonging was and why. This is similar to another exercise that I did one time, involving the contents of your characters’ pockets, but we can do that one tomorrow.

Dominic Toussaint

He’s a character from The Monster, born and raised on a French island, and eighteen years of age. He’s one of my favorite characters, although for some reason my sister is always rooting for him to get killed. Go figure.

Dom’s most precious belonging is a necklace that was given to him by Angel’s mother, Angelina Bordeaux. It’s made of gold and is in the shape of a horse’s head surrounded by waves, which is the Bordeaux stud farm brand.

Why does the necklace mean so much to him? It took me a long time to puzzle this one out. He hated Angel’s mother, for many complicated reasons. But I think he sees the necklace as a link, not to the giver, but to Angel, because she has one just like it. With him in the French West Indies and her in America, they rarely get to see each other. But Angel means a lot to Dom, and the necklace is the only way he has to keep her close.

Michelangelo Remington

Mike has never had a lot, but the one thing he would never give up is a Glock that his father gave him before he disappeared.

His father taught him how to shoot. Mike was a natural, and his father told him if he won a shooting contest, he would buy him a gun. Mike did, and his father bought him the Glock. Not long after that, he disappeared off the face of the earth. Twenty years later, there’s still no sign of him. The gun is the only thing Mike has left.

Isaac Hastings

His black flute is the most important thing in the world to Isaac. He was abandoned as a baby, and he was found with his flute. Nobody knows where it or he came from.

Isaac’s flute means a lot to him personally, but also to his job. He’s only nine years old, but the fate of his town rests on his shoulders every time a storm comes. He loves the flute because it’s the only thing he has of his past, but it’s important because he uses it to save the world.

There we have it! I tried to use supporting characters rather than my main ones, just to change things up a bit. It’s a fun exercise.


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