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Really on Draft Three Now

I was supposed to have started writing Summer Rush’s draft three exactly a  week ago, but it took me so long to type up all the longhand edits I’d done on draft two that I haven’t really had a chance to start writing.

But, I finished typing everything last night, and I’m all ready and raring to go. Draft two is done at thirty chapters, 99,000 words, and a brand spanking new ending.

I’m kind of scared the new ending will get me shot by a certain somebody, who actually told me I’d better run for my life if I did a certain something. But anyway! I like my ending, and I’ll take my chances.

While writing draft two, I was thinking that draft three was going to be so much easier, now that I had most of the big stuff straightened out.

But I had one of those rare ideas in the middle of the night. It wasn’t rare because it came in the middle of the night – it was rare because it still seemed like a good idea in the morning!

Anyway, the idea requires some serious re-positioning of my plot if I want to incorporate the idea properly. I’m still in the process of making all the different plot lines work together into one, smooth story, so now is the perfect time to stick another plot line in there.

Today I’ll start blocking out chapters and figuring out my dominant and sub-dominant plots, so I know which ones get the most scenes, archive all my old draft two materials, and start fresh with a clean desk!

My goals for this draft are pretty simple.

  • Incorporate new plot line
  • Strengthen characters and cut unnecessary ones
  • Tighten writing
  • Get rid of inconsistencies

How are you coming along in your writing plans?


2 thoughts on “Really on Draft Three Now

  1. Like I’ve said, your blog inspires me to actually get to work on my own novels. Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to read Summer Rush when you’re done with it!

    My writing plans are going… as planned. A little slow, I guess, but at least I’m doing something.

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