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Taking A Big Step: Organization

When I think about it in perspective, I haven’t been writing for a long time. I scribbled and daydreamed and was a storyteller at least since I was nine. I’m trying very hard not to go off on a tangent about my life as a storyteller. It’s a funny story, but it’s for another time.

But nevertheless, when I looked around my room, I’m kind of overwhelmed. Because I am surrounded by writing.

It’s everywhere. Little notes jotted to myself crammed into my day planner. A shelf on my six-foot tall bookshelf devoted completely to hard copies of novels. Dozens upon dozens of notebooks on two little thingamajiggies that were originally part of a closet organizer. More notebooks and books on writing piled on my nightstand.

At some times, it’s great. I do a lot of my work sitting on my bed, so whenever I need something, I can find it right away. Even my nephew could find it for me.

The problem with this? When all those stacks of notebooks start to fall over. And when I forget to latch my day planner shut and all those notes fall out. Or when I’m reaching for my alarm clock to kill it in the morning and knock everything off my night stand.

A couple of the novel hard copies I have on my bookshelf are only kept together with rubber bands, and some of those rubber bands are looking ready to pop – which means I’d have half a thousand pages spilled all over my floor.

It’s time to face it. I am a mess, and so is my current method of “organization.”

Since most of it is paper, I had this brilliant idea. BURN IT ALL!

No, I’m kidding. My idea is actually more brilliant than that. Did you know there’s this thing made specifically to hold and organize paper? It’s called like a pile cabinet, or something.

Oh, wait! I know what it is! A filing cabinet!

Somebody please hit me with a stick. As much paper as I have filling my room, it never occurred to me to get a nice, neat filing cabinet to house it all in. I get to use all those fun little folders with the labeling tags, and I get to put all the paper out of sight.

I’m going file cabinet shopping! Yay!


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