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Red Pens, Special K, and Chapter One

I hated my novel yesterday.

But today, I feel much better about it. And you know why? I found my red pen. It’s not the pen I usually use for this, since it’s almost a marker and tends to bleed through the page, but I have an affinity for red pens that just makes everything seem better.

As you can guess from this post’s title, I still haven’t started the nuts and bolts of of writing draft three. I’ve plotted a bit, and planned, and schemed, but I haven’t put red pen to printed draft just yet.

I was distracted partly by the brand spanking new Inkpop. It just launched today, and I’m still trying to get the hang of things. The color scheme is all different, and I think I preferred the old one better. But there are cool new things, so I’m trying to keep an open mind about it all.

Anyway, I had my favorite cereal ever, Special K Red Berries, for breakfast. I can’t understand why all my siblings hate it so much. I know it’s actually part of the Special K diet or something, and I usually wouldn’t touch diet food with a twenty foot pole, but it’s so yummy.

Apparently I’m sort of rambly today. I don’t know why. I got to bed early last night and everything.

Most of yesterday was spent trying to decode the mystery that is transferring from CSCC to MSU. I’m pretty sure my eyeballs melted at some point. I needed my genius sister more than ever at that point, but I was determined to figure it out on my own, and I mostly did. Mostly.

So… yeah, that’s pretty much what’s going on. I am so bored right now that it’s not even funny. I should go away now and stop bothering everyone.

I’m going.


I’m really gone now.

You can’t see me anymore…

Okay, no, I’m kidding. You see how bored I am? I’m gone now.

3 thoughts on “Red Pens, Special K, and Chapter One

  1. Yay! At least you got everything fixed! Sort of. Right? The good news is that you don’t hate SR anymore.

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